The Trillium Project supports people and organizations on several levels.  We honor people facing struggles by sharing their words as inspiration in our art. We sell purposeful art that brings comfort, inspiration, and solidarity to its owners.

We also direct a portion of our sales to charitable organizations that benefit people facing challenges - like those we honor by using their words in our art. Since the project began in 2003, we have raised tens of thousands of dollars for organizations committed to a variety of causes including cancer survivorship, wellness and children’s support services.

When you buy Trillium products you are also supporting these causes. Here’s how you can participate:

Friends and families

Order custom pendants, tiles or paintings that incorporate the words of your loved one.  Distribute these yourself or hold a fundraising event in your community.


Offer your customers the opportunity to purchase cause-related pendants and paintings.

Non-profit and health care organizations

Use Trillium products to raise awareness and encourage donations through fundraising efforts and events.


Purchase unique pendants and other artwork. Trillium donates a portion of its sales to non-profit organizations serving people with life challenges

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